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How to Tame a Blemish


The Truth About Zits.

Acne treatments are a billion dollar industry.  I don't care what you've heard in the past or what the doctor told you.  Acne breakouts are inflammations on your skin, which is the body's largest organ.  Acne (just like other skin conditions like rashes or eczema) is the way your body tells you something is out of balance.  Trust me, when I am home watching Netflix, working in my garden, playing at the beach, taking naps…I'm not getting zits.  It's when I am traveling the world, sleeping 3 hours a night, and eating Burger King because it's the only thing open in the airport at 4am.

The causes of zits are:

-Processed foods/sugar



-Lack of sleep

-Lack of exercise

-Genetics (runs in your family)

Some people will waltz through life without a single whitehead, and others are just extra sensitive to these triggers.  Boo-hoo, right?  Wrong.  You will be all-the-more healthy for it.  Your body is communicating something's wrong, and if you can heal the problem, then every other organ in your body will benefit.  Long and healthy life!

So think of all the pain and agony that acne causes you and make lifestyle changes ASAP.  There will be times when you can't resist the doughnut, can't get sleep, or can't seem to fight the stress - and you might get a zit!  You can win the war with my "overnight" treatment below:

Before Bed:

1) Wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser, pat dry with a towel

2) Steady, gentle pressure, queeze the white stuff out, using two pointer fingers covered in kleenex

3) Wash the area again, gently pat dry with a towel

4) After letting your skin air dry for 2 minutes, apply moisturizer all over and Aveeno Hydrocortizone Cream to the spot

In the Morning:

5) Wash your face with warm water, gently pat dry with a towel

6) Let your skin air dry for 2 minutes. Lightly tap the blemish. Does it feel slightly sensitive/stinging? If so, apply moisturizer and a thin layer of Clean & Clear Benzoyl Peroxide to the spot.

*If it doesn't sting, you should have a dry patch of skin covering the old blemish. Do not peel it off.  It's a shield covering your healing skin underneath. When it's ready to come off, you will see the edges flake up.  Until then, douse it with moisturizer to help it heal!

7) Gently tap concealer on top, then tap a bit of powder.


Repeat every night until the zit clears.  Sometimes, only TIME can heal!  Drink lots of water!  And remember, I love you!  This bish below has never had a zit in her life, btw.  LOL


Beauty Sabbath


Give Your Face a Day Off.

Did you know your skin breathes, eats, drinks, and creates waste just like you do?  Think about it.  Using a great moisturizer can be a game changer since your skin absorbs (eats) whatever you put on it!  If you're not drinking enough water and getting dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and flakey.  Your pores allow your skin to get oxygen (breathe) and excrete sweat and bacteria (waste).

Taking care of your skin can be a complicated matter, but one of the simplest things you can do is give it a DAY OFF.  I'm talking NO makeup.  Let's add hair to that order and give it a break from scathing flat irons, curling irons, alcohol-based hairsprays, and product.  What have you got?  Why, it's a BEAUTY SABBATH!

Being on tour most of the year, I've noticed my skin and hair get "parched" the longer I go without a day off.  Stage makeup is pretty thick and the suicide roll doesn't get it's fabulous shape naturally.  I am constantly manipulating and abusing my skin and hair to look good on stage.  But I think anybody that has a job where they have to look "nice" is experiencing the same thing.  I urge you to try taking a BEAUTY SABBATH and see how beneficial it can be.


Pick (1) day per week that you can go au natural.  I chose Sunday because I usually don't work or socialize much on that day.  The ritual begins the night before (so in my case, Saturday).  The following list is in sequential order:

-Remove all nail polish (toes too)!  Do any trimming/filing necessary.  

-Take a long hot bath and scrub your entire body thoroughly with a natural soap and wash cloth, sponge, whatever you got.

-Shampoo your hair and apply an intensive repair mask, wrap it up and soak in the hot water for 5-10 minutes.

-Rinse it all off and get out!

-After you towel dry, you have 5 minutes to apply an organic moisturizer or body oil.  Really make a ritual out of it, like a self-massage.  Focus on dry spots and sore muscles.  

-Towel dry your hair and rub a few drops of argan oil between your palm, run through the lengths of your hair and throw it up into a loose bun.

-Using an eye makeup remover, get everything off, even the little black specks between your lashes.  

-Apply your facial moisturizer and a rich lip balm.

-Floss your teeth, brush thoroughly, and do a good mouthwash.  

Now sleep like a baby and spend the next day (your BEAUTY SABBATH) completely makeup free!  On Monday you will feel like a new person!